On-Ice and Off-Ice Training at The Hockey Loft

Off-Ice Hockey Training Programs

The Hockey Loft is a progressive hockey training facility that guarantees and proves results. This is achieved through the use of innovative equipment provided by Eclipse Sports Inc. used within our off–ice facility, and specialized sport specific training programs offered on the state of the art ice surface within the Cambridge Ice Center. Our highly experienced staff and comprehensive protocol are committed to making each and every athlete that experiences our hockey skills development center the best they can be.

Mandatory Minimum Equipment for Hockey Loft Facility

  • skates
  • helmet ⁄ facemask
  • elbow pads
  • knee pads
  • gloves
  • stick

Current Scheduled Hours for Members

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: CLOSED

Please allow at least 24 hours for any bookings or cancellations.

We also have Seasonal Camps and On-Ice Programs.

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Shooting Clinics

Shooting Clinics at The Hockey Loft include development of major puck handling and shooting skills. We also include skating power and quickness using all of our off–ice facilities.

Stick handling speed, reaction time and shooting power, and accuracy are practiced and improved on during these sessions.

We also include some work on our resistance stations to increase skating power and quickness of skating movement.

Repetition plus correction perfects skill

Current Schedule


Shooting Clinics run on a regular basis. Registration is normally a month at a time but we can always make exceptions based on your family’s scheduling requirements! Just ask!

Remember that Shooting Clinics are fully coached and will focus on all puck related skills: Shooting, Puck Handling Accuracy, Puck Handling Speed and some power skating skills.

Register for Shooting Clinics (mobile friendly registration)

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Body Checking Clinics

As everyone knows there are two sides to body checking: giving and receiving.

Learning how to give and receive a good, clean body check will help your game play, help avoid injury and keep you out of the penalty box.

This program will provide the how and the why of body contact in hockey. Players will be paired up and practice giving a clean hit and receiving as well.

Sessions will be held in The Hockey Loft facility.

This is for Peewee players and older and we suggest you register with a friend so that you can work together in this clinic with our coaching staff.

**Full equipment is mandatory for these sessions**

We do not have any Body Checking Clinics scheduled at this time.

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Private & Semi–Private Coaching

Private & Semi-Private lessons are a great opportunity for students to be coached on any and all areas that need improvement. The coaches will be there for correction with repetition, as needed and to encourage proper work ethic. We have seen a huge improvement in the players who have had private and semi-private lessons. For the lessons please allow at least 24 hours for booking and cancellation as the lessons will fill up fast.

We offer 1:1 (Private) or 2:1 (Semi-Private) student to coach ratio training. Semi–Private lessons require both players to be registered at the time of the booking.

Please call (519) 621-7907 or e-mail contact@thehockeyloft.ca for availability

One (1) hour sessions

$70 per private lesson
Private package of 5: $65 per session
Private package of 10: $60 per session

$40 per semi–private lesson (per player)
Semi-Private package of 5: $35 per session (per player)
Semi/Private package of 10: $30 per session (per player)

Small Group Training

3 individuals: $30 per session (per player)
Package of 5: $25 per session (per player)
Package of 10: $20 per session (per player)

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Rent The Hockey Loft

Hockey is an ever evolving sport. Recent development and rule changes have placed much emphasis on actual skill and skill development. The days of clutch and grab hockey are long behind us. Shooting, puck handling and skating are the staple skills of today’s game, and without these basic foundations in place it is easy to fall behind. With ice time limitations and the need to teach team systems, these skills often become overlooked by coaches and organizations. There is a very feasible and functional answer to this problem. The Hockey Loft is a state of the art facility which is both cost and time effective while offering the best in skill development for any individual or team.

There are 9 controlled stations designed for a specific hockey skill application. Review Our Facility

Rental Rates:
1 Hour Rental: $130 +HST
1.5 Hour Rental: $190 +HST
2 Hour Rental: $200 +HST
Team Rental Rates:
1-4 Sessions (1 hour): $150 plus HST per session
1-4 Sessions (1.5 hour): $200 plus HST per session
5-9 Sessions (1 hour): $135 plus HST per session
5-9 Sessions (1.5 hour): $190 plus HST per session
10+ Sessions(1 hour): $120 plus HST per session
10+ Sessions (1.5 hour): $175 plus HST per session

To reserve your time contact us directly:
Phone: 519.621.7907
Email: contact@thehockeyloft.ca

Rent The Hockey Loft - Team Rental or Private Rental

The Hockey Loft not only provides a state of the art facility it also offers professional skill instruction and skill development programs offered to coaches which are designed to get the most out of their players. Coaches will be walked through the facility and given a specific protocol on the equipment and drills needed to utilize the facility to its maximum potential.

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Membership Programs

Our membership program gives players full access to The Hockey Loft’s state of the art training facility, during membership time slots. Players work on their own, but will be supplied with a suggested workout package which they can follow. The workout package will consist of how to utilize the different stations and how to utilize set training circuits which have been developed by the staff at The Hockey Loft.

Unlimited Monthly Membership Off–Ice at The Hockey Loft

Current Scheduled Hours for Members

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: CLOSED

Minimum equipment required as displayed above.

New Price!

Cost: $25 per Month including tax
You can select a variety of months
Register for Monthly Membership

Please Note: We endeavour to maintain this schedule but there may be some variations.

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Off-Ice Hockey Fundamentals

Ice-Tech with The Hockey Loft continues a weekday practice for Hockey Fundamentals.

This is for beginner hockey players from ages 5-9 (some age exceptions).

Fully coached, this program develops shooting skills, puck handling and skating skills in our unique facility.

Current Schedule

Register for Off–Ice Hockey Fundamentals

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