On-Ice and Off-Ice Training at The Hockey Loft

On-Ice Hockey Training Programs

The Hockey Loft offers many on–ice programs to help develop player’s skating skills, speed on the ice, puck control and overall confidence. From beginner or first time hockey players to well developed triple A teams, we can assist with your training.

We also have Seasonal Camps and Off-Ice Programs.

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Power Skating

The Hockey Loft power skating is a dynamic program designed to encompass all aspects of skating fundamentals and technique in a teaching rich learning environment. The primary focuses of the power skating program are balance, edge control, speed and transitional skating. Protocol specific weekly sessions will gradually build the players technique and confidence, parlaying skill specific aspects of skating into other techniques. The goal of the power skating program at The Hockey Loft is to build and transition skating skills off one another creating and understanding and appreciation of the skills involved in developing skating technique and mechanics.

The Hockey Loft also strives to have an excellent student to instructor ratio. With professional, qualified staff and a low player to coach ratio one can rest assured that each student gets not only the highest quality instruction but also small group and even individual coaching as well.

Full hockey equipment is mandatory for all power skating programs.

Class size will be limited to ensure better development.

Current Schedule

Power Skating April Fri 6:40 PM 7 - 9 years $100.00
*April 6, 13, 20, 27, 2018
Power Skating April Fri 7:40 PM 10 - 13 years $100.00
*April 6, 13, 20, 27, 2018
Power Skating May Fri 6:40 PM 7 - 9 years $75.00
*May 4, 11, 25, 2018 (no skating May 18)
Power Skating May Fri 7:40 PM 10 - 13 years $75.00
*May 4, 11, 25, 2018 (no skating May 18)
Power Skating June Fri 6:40 PM 7 - 9 years $100.00
*June 1, 8, 15, 22, 2018 (no skating June 29)
Power Skating June Fri 7:40 PM 10 - 13 years $100.00
*June 1, 8, 15, 22, 2018 (no skating June 29)

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Hockey Fundamentals With Ice-Tech

This is a beginner level hockey program

The importance of building a good foundation of skills and understanding in hockey tactics is paramount for the development of a young hockey player. Often times the fundamentals are overlooked and players are pushed to compete in a more advanced hockey environment before they have established any essential skills at all. The Hockey Fundamentals program, established by The Hockey Loft and Ice-Tech is designed to capacitate boys and girls between the ages of 5–9 in a fun and progressive environment with a focus on essential hockey skills and some in-game tactics. Sessions are generally broken down into one part power skating, one part skills and one part scrimmage. Individuals will receive a 6:1 player to coach ratio.

For beginner hockey players ages 5–9. This is not a Learn To Skate program, participants should be reasonable skaters to best enjoy this program.

Skills Practiced

Skating, including stops and starts, backwards skating and crossovers.

Shooting, including hand/arm positioning, wrist shout, backhand, weight transfer.

Puck Handling, including passing, puck control, cradling the puck.

Goalie Training

This program is also designed to develop goalies and they have their own designated coach.


Online information and registration at

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Skills & Conditioning

Skills and Skating are 2 of the most basic tools for hockey fun and success! The Hockey Loft gives you have an opportunity to practice both.

Flow drills will help with both conditioning and skills. Skating drills will help develop speed, power and refine areas that may need it. Shooting, passing, some scrimmage and positional play training is included.

We do not have any Skills and Drills sessions at this time.

Registration If Sessions Are Available

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Adult Skills & Scrimmage

At this time we do not have any adult sessions available.


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On–Ice Hockey Goalie Training

We offer several hockey goalie training sessions throughout the spring and summer. Our programs run simultaneously with our other hockey programs .

Dedicated Goalie Coaches On Each Session!

**Limited Availability **

Summer Goalie Camps – All Levels

Please refer to our Camps >> Summer Training information for schedule, prices and registration.

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