On-Ice and Off-Ice Training at The Hockey Loft

Off-Ice Hockey Training Facility

Our 510 Sq Metre (5,500 Sq Foot) state of the art, artificial ice hockey skills training facility is located in the Cambridge Ice Center. Our facility offers both On-Ice and Off-Ice training for all ages using state of the art EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice surface. The Hockey Loft fully utilizes the On-Ice and Off-Ice facility with training designed to improve skating, edge control, speed, agility, puck control, puck protection, passing, shot selection and game tactics.

  • All ages
  • Computer statistics with web access now available
  • Customized team tactical training
  • Age group specific training sessions
  • Power skating and edge control techniques
  • Hockey skills development
  • 6:1 Trainer ratio

Our Cutting Edge Hockey & Ice Skating Training Equipment

The Smart Net

  • Tracks puck movement and logs data
  • Programmable passing machines
  • Measurable response time
  • Tracks speed of shot and accuracy to the prompted target
  • Variable pass to pass time
Shooting practice at The Hockey Loft on artificial ice

The Resistance Sled

  • 2.5m x 21m (8’x70’) run way
  • applied resistance from 2.6 kg to 11 kg (5lb to 25lb)
  • improves core muscle strength through resistance training
  • stride correction, forward skating, backwards skating, C/D cut, one leg push and body harness
  • tracks quick start, mid-point, finish times and speed as they apply
Resistance training on synthetic ice

The Incline Ramp

  • 13 metres long (45 feet)
  • 8 degree incline
  • Tracks and logs quick starts, mid-point, finish times and speeds
  • Core muscle strength training
Incline skating on synthetic ice

Quick Stick

  • Improves puck control
  • Test and improves players reaction times
  • Soft hand passing and side to side puck control
  • Reaction times are tracked and saved
Passing a hockey puck timed with a computer

Coast to Coast

  • 4m x 12m (12’x40’) flexible skating surface
  • Flexible puck control drills
  • Time tracking and data collection
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and puck control skills
  • Used with protocol to teach and track puck control technique improvement
Hockey puck control practice

Cherry Picker

  • Close range shooting net with 8 shot panels
  • Develop accuracy and selection, not just shooting
Improve your aim with puck control and shooting

Multi-Task Station

  • 4m x 12m (12’x40’) flexible skating surface
  • Both goalie and player training
  • Programmable colored light prompting wall used to assist in training
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time
  • Multi-tasking skill development
Obsticles and puck control at The Hockey Loft

Target Shooting Station

  • Target shooting station
  • Accuracy and speed
Shooting a puck at targets

Training Pad

  • 4m x 6m (12’x20’) flexible skating surface
  • Used with both players and goalie
  • Passing drills
Synthetic ice hockey practice