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The Hockey Loft

We at the Loft have not only introduced ground breaking, innovative technology to hockey training, but we have also created unique and thought provoking instructional techniques taught and trained by a team of professional coaches. When you want to improve your hockey skills, great coaches and a great hockey training facility are important!

At The Hockey Loft we are proud to say that is exactly what you will receive when you walk through our doors. The Hockey Loft provides instant transferable results. The minute one of our hockey players steps into our facility, we monitor their every move, with our experienced staff and innovative technology. Analysis, skill correction, and overall development as a hockey player are what we are all about. The combination of our on ice power skating/skill development and in game situational recognition, paired up with our world class Hockey Loft facility, makes it abundantly clear that this is where the future of hockey training is headed, and the future is now!

Walk through our doors at The Hockey Loft, and experience what true professional experience and expertise can do for your game.

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Hockey Training and Practice

Our programs develop hockey skills at all levels: Tyke, Atom, Peewee, Bantam and higher. We can help develop skating skills, shooting skills utilizing both on-ice and off-ice training.

We offer team training, group training and private training to cover basics in skating, hockey puck handling, power drills, skating drills and agility with puck control.

Minor Hockey is one of the best ways for young players to develop, have fun and improve theirs skills during practices and games. The Hockey Loft offers its own unique brand of Minor Hockey.

The Hockey Loft also offers men’s hockey leagues, women’s hockey leagues and co-ed hockey leagues.

Each spring we offer 4 On 4 Hockey that we call "The Canada Cup 4-4 Spring Series". This spring hockey league creates teams for Tyke (7 years), Novice (8 years), Atom (9-10 years), Peewee (11-12 years), Bantam (13-14 years) and Midget (15-16 years) age groups.