The Hockey Loft

We at the Loft have not only introduced ground breaking, innovative technology to hockey training, but we have also created unique, and thought provoking instructional techniques taught and trained by a team of unmatched professionals, this includes Todd Harvey and Todd Hlushko, who have almost 1000 NHL games of playing experience between the two of them, not to mention the world class coaching they have received from some of the world’s greatest hockey minds while playing at the highest level of hockey in the world. When you want to reach maximum potential, you want the best coaching instruction available.

At the Hockey Loft we are proud to say that is exactly what you will receive when you walk through our doors. The Hockey Loft provides instant transferable results. The minute one of our hockey players steps into our facility, we monitor their every move, with our experienced staff and innovative technology. Analysis, skill correction, and overall development as a hockey player are what we are all about. The combination of our on ice power skating/skill development and in game situational recognition, paired up with our world class Hockey Loft facility, it will become abundantly clear that The Hockey Loft is where the future of hockey training is headed, and the future is now!

Walk through our doors at the Hockey Loft, and experience what true professional experience and expertise can do for your game.